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J  S  P      D E S I G N   S T U D I O



JSP is currently under review with the City of San Diego to get plans approved for this dormer bathroom addition.

Plan in 3D.png

Interactive planning model


Used during the preconstruction phase, this model was utilized to help clients visualize design changes and help assist contractors with phasing the project and estimating.

The Shops in Barrio Logan


A development opportunity in Barrio Logan. 

The key design drivers were developed around the idea of bringing key aspects of suburbia to urban development to provide a Multi-Generational typology.  The typology would be a new development to enter the market in the next several years. The design would encourage the residence to work from home. it would also encourage them to start up a company utilizing one of the workshops at ground level if needed.

Barrio Logan Page 001.png
Barrio Logan Page 003.png
Barrio Logan Page 004.png

Lofts on National 


A development opportunity in Southeast San Diego. We developed initial proformas, conceptual plans, and renderings and initiated preliminary discussions with the city for zoning approval. The client wanted to phase out the project so that they could house hack the project. As a duplex, the property would cash flow while planning was running in parallel. 

CP Analyzer V1.7 - 2976 National Ave 201
Renderings of concept 1 Page 001.png
CP Analyzer V1.7 - 2976 National Ave 201
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