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San Diego State University

The new integrated science building was designed utilizing three key drivers; maximum collaboration between the professionals inhabiting the spaces, challenging the program of where the location of an adjacent out door space can be located, and of course, sustainability of the building. With these 3 key drivers behind the design, a form was generated that will enhance the general well being of the students and professors. it will promote communication and collaboration for both the students and faculty. the building design in itself serves as a learning tool. it exposes all structural members and connections, as well as all mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. this helps to ensure the collaboration between a diverse group of students and although it will serve as the primary hub for the integrated sciences the building was designed to allow for collaboration between the entire school. San Diego state university understands that the way these young professionals will one day work will be with a team. providing a design that encourages and promotes communication and collaboration will truly prepare the students for what is to come in the near future thus allowing them much success in their careers.

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