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Architecture distinguishes itself from mere building and design by promoting theory and aspirations of man. In terms of design, many issues were considered throughout the process such as architectural elements, site analysis, and landscaping. The Special Management Infirmary Pod facades face the southwest with floor-to-ceiling windows to provide a normative environment for inmates, this makes their experience a less daunting one. The placement of program was arranged by a relationship matrix which analyzes the circulation of staff and inmates. The east wall in the SMI Pod will be
connecting to the renovated booking area. In addition, the SMI Pod was designed as a thermal mass, thus creating comfort throughout the seasons. The Infirmary was also given clear stories to provide for natural day lighting, in return staff will not suffer from sick building syndrome, but rather benefit by improving job performance JP3 Design Build will produce an ideal design suitable for a prison infirmary that will imply a major change in future prison design.

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